Do you think at times no one understands you? Or maybe you feel out of place and you are lonely with your thoughts.

The loneliness that comes from the feeling of being misunderstood is very deep and causes anxiety, sadness, despair, disappointment and helplessness.

Simply because the person feels alone, away from others, as if there were a wall between themselves and the rest of the world.

As humans we want and need others to support us, approve us, encourage us and, above all, understand us. When they fail to understand, we feel very alone and vulnerable, and it activates a vicious and very dangerous cycle in our mind.

Misunderstanding leads to silence and, as a result, isolation. The more isolated we are, the more misunderstood we feel. That translates into an endless cycle that needs to be broken to move towards personal balance.

Answer this questionnaire to give yourself a clearer idea of ​​what makes you feel misunderstood.
  • 1. Is it hard for you to trust others?
  • 2. Are you afraid that the people you love will leave?
  • 3. Do you feel sad about a story from your childhood?
  • 4. You feel that your parents are very demanding
  • 5. Did you suffer any kind of abuse in your childhood (physical or emotional)?
  • 6. Are you afraid that others will judge you for what you say?
  • 7. Do you think that if someone understood you completely, you would feel better?

If you answered yes to questions 1 and 2, it could be that you fear intimacy, feeling vulnerable with other people, or find it difficult to open up even if you are extroverted. If the answer to question 3, 4 and 5 is yes, it most likely has to do with your fear of being judged. If you identified with questions 1 to 7, you may be afraid to trust others, it could also be that as a child you lacked the love, care and affection that you needed.

Now, I want you to understand that the key to making positive changes in your life is in your hands. Who other than yourself can better feel your pain and understand it? So it’s not all about shutting yourself in your bubble and saying “nobody understands me, that’s how it is.”

How can you help people better understand you?

One of the best ways to get people to understand us is by communicating clearly, making an effort to explain things with details and examples will give the listener an insight into what you are going through. Also, most people only can pay full attention for a very limited time, therefore, you should try to make your explanation brief and precise.

However, not everyone is willing to listen or to share intimate or deep conversations with you, and that’s okay. Support is not claimed and is only given by those who wish to give it and received by people willing to ask for it. I am an enthusiastic therapist with the skills to help you feel more well adjusted and at ease with yourself. I have created the perfect platform for you to vent about whatever is hindering your enjoyment of life and making you feel not good enough.

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I offer you a safe space to work together, to relay your issues to me and to provide true listening, guidance and understanding.