Self Love & Self Confidence

Women Self Love & Self Confidence

There are so many misconceptions about what ‘self-love’ means. Some people think it means treating yourself to a massive glass of wine or a new pair of shoes. Maybe taking a long bath or getting a new haircut is what comes to mind?

While all of the above may make you feel better in the short-term, self-love is not merely about spoiling yourself or having some ‘me time’. Self-love is about having an active appreciation of yourself and living your life in a way that nourishes your ability to love yourself.

Self-love cannot be found in the bottom of a glass of white wine. Instead, it involves becoming more mindful, setting boundaries, forgiving yourself and practising self-care through looking after your body correctly. Ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people is another essential aspect of self-love. Getting rid of those toxic ‘frenemies’ should be a top priority!

Appreciating yourself is the ultimate end goal in your journey towards self-love.


Everyone knows someone who is super confident, but what does self-confidence mean? Self-confidence is best described as having faith in yourself and confidence in your abilities. Feeling confident in yourself has a positive effect on your mental health by maintaining healthy relationships, keeping you open to trying new things, and improving your performance at work.

On the flip side, a lack of confidence can affect your life in a whole host of ways. Perhaps you feel undeserving of praise or don’t think you are worthy of nice things. Maybe you struggle with boundaries in relationships or have difficulty voicing your feelings. You might be oversensitive to criticism or find yourself avoiding social interactions.

However your lack of self-confidence manifests itself, there are steps you can take to address the problem. These include taking better care of yourself, using positive self-talk and stopping comparing yourself to others.

Sometimes you will need a little extra push in your quest for self-love and self-confidence, and that is where I come in. As your therapist, I can guide you towards the actions that will lead you down the path to a more fulfilling life. We can work through any issues together and figure out what is holding you back. Please feel free to give me a call, and we can get started on your journey towards a new you.

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